Sources close to The White House claim Gen. Flynn has nothing on anyone else

A new report from The Washington Times dumps cold water on the Left’s Gen. Flynn is turning on Donald Trump narrative.

The Washington Times:

A source close to the legal team said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller filings on Friday is the extent of Mr. Flynn’s incriminating statements about White House and campaign officials.

The retired three-star Army general pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to one charge of lying to the FBI about two contacts he made during the 2016 post-election transition with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Mr. Mueller’s charges make references to two unnamed Trump aides who worked with Mr. Flynn on the telephone calls.

Liberal TV pundits wildly speculated afterward that Mr. Flynn is ready to bring down the president.

But the legal-team source told The Washington Times, “There is simply no factual basis to implicate the president. He’s got nothing else. What you see in the criminal information is it. He’s empty.”

The person said that contrary to a news report Mr. Trump did not order Mr. Flynn to make contact with the ambassador.

This is interesting. The prevailing narrative has been that Gen. Flynn is looking to make a deal to turn on Donald Trump or someone close to him. In fact, Jared Kushner has been targeted as the guy who Flynn is going to put into the crosshairs of the Mueller probe.

Source: Jared Kushner is top ranking Trump official who Gen. Flynn is giving Mueller information on

The source in the article talks about Jared Kushner as well.

The source said that if Mr. Flynn was prepared to testify against the president, that fact would have been part of the pleading.

“You make him plead to something that he did with the president. That didn’t happen,” the source said. The Mueller filings “contain nothing about the president. That’s the key,” the source said.

The source said Mr. Mueller’s staff owns all the pertinent emails involving Mr. Flynn and transition and White Houseofficials

“The key is all of those people have been interviewed by special counsel,” the source said.

The source said the email threads show Mr. Flynn misled White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, Press Secretary Sean Spicer and others about what was discussed.

It is well known Mr. Flynn also misled Vice President Mike Pence, for which he was fired as national security adviser.

The source said that the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, whose transition job was outreach to Washington diplomats, did not specifically order Mr. Flynn to call the ambassador.

“They divided up the calls for outreach to foreign governments,” the source said. When Mr. Kushner was interviewed by Mr. Mueller’s office he explained his contacts.

“Jared told the truth and Flynn didn’t,” the source said.

The last line of the sources comments is the one that is striking to me. “Jared told the truth and Flynn didn’t”. Could this be the portion of the narrative they are missing? Could Gen. Flynn spilled the beans on Kushner and it actually helped Kushner?

Here is the theory.

Kushner and Flynn are interviewed. Flynn denies everything that the FBI asks him and fails to tell the truth. Kushner is also interviewed. When Kushner is interviewed he tells the truth about everything that happened. This would catch Flynn in a lie and therefore he would confess to what Kushner already has confessed to as part of the plea deal. So basically, no illegal actions besides Flynn’s lying took place and well the Russian narrative dies with it.

I think the actions are simple in this case. Gen. Flynn lied to investigators because of the Russian Narrative. He didn’t want the evidence to be leaked out so he lied. We also can factor in his ties to Turkey. It is likely that Gen. Flynn would do everything he could do to get out of the spotlight. When initially interviewed by the FBI he likely hoped the probe would end without a big investigation into him personally that has not been the case and his Turkey ties were revealed anyway.

I don’t know if Kushner is going down or not because my sources are all contradicting on this issue. What I do know is that there is nothing Flynn can give that proves any semblance of collusion and that Donald Trump will come out of this likely unscathed.


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