Source: Trump ‘closer than ever’ to leaving Iran Deal

According to Wired Sources, Donald Trump is ‘closer than ever’ to leaving Obama’s disastrous Iran Deal.

Donald Trump has been busy since he took office trying to fix this deal. The deal has begun really coming to light since Trump took office. Although it was extremely controversial at the time the Obama administrations efforts to get the deal done have made it even more controversial. We saw that the Obama administration allowed drugs to come into the US because he didn’t want to hurt the terror regime Hezbollah because Iran is a major supporter of them. As we reported months ago 45 National Security experts came out urging the Trump administration to with withdraw from the Iran Deal.

Here is an excerpt from that report:

“The Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into,” Trump said in his speech. “Frankly, that deal is an embarrassment to the United States and I don’t think you’ve heard the last of it, believe me.”

The letter’s signatories criticized the JCPOA as allowing Iran to continue to pursue the development of nuclear weapons, having weak verification provisions to ensure Iran’s compliance, and ignoring Iran’s “increasingly destabilizing behavior.”

“After the JCPOA, Iran’s behavior has significantly worsened,” the letter reads. “Tehran stepped up its ballistic missile program and missile launches.  There was a 90% increase in Iran’s 2016-2017 military budget.  Iran has increased its support to terrorist groups and sent troops into Syria.  Harassment of shipping in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea also increased, including missiles fired at U.S. and Gulf state ships by the Houthi rebels, an Iranian proxy in Yemen.”

The letter also highlights the possibility that Iran is sharing nuclear technology with North Korea, which has undertaken a series of escalating nuclear and missile tests in the past several months, provoking sanctions from the international community. It further expresses suspicion at the prospect of Iran ever allowing renegotiation of the terms of the deal, in spite of some analysts’ claims to the contrary.

“The day will never come when the mullahs agree to amend the sweetheart deal they got in the JCPOA,” the signatories write.

Below is a Prager U video which discusses the Iran Deal in detail.


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