Source: Bannon is out if he doesn’t “bend”

Trump’s White House has been undergoing some major changes. Just last week we saw him fire Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and he also relieved Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and former Communications Director Sean Spicer from there duties.

According to a former Trump campaign official, this might not be the end of the shake-ups.

This should come as no surprise to anyone. When Trump hired Gen. Kelly as Cheif of Staff he gave Kelly full control over who reports to him. He did this so that he can begin to bring structure to his inner circle. Bannon is a strong-willed individual. He certainly has his own personality and isn’t scared to create some controversy. This might not fit well with the team Kelly is creating.

Now, for Trump supporters, this might be a huge disappointment. Bannon is seen as a symbol for Trump’s agenda within his administration. Trump’s base looks at him as a guy who is speaking for them. My instincts tell me that Bannon will survive this. Although Bannon isn’t much of a “bender” he is someone who is clearly highly valued by Trump. Bannon has been around since the beginning. Throughout the campaign and the first six months of Trump’s presidency, Bannon has been by Trump’s side. There have been times before where it seemed Bannon was out but something keeps him around. That something is what he means to Trump’s base.

I can’t stress enough that even a Bannon firing doesn’t mean an end for Trump’s agenda. Trump’s agenda will stay in place as long as Trump is still around. I love Bannon but Kelly is creating a team that might have him on the outside looking in.

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