“Something Else Is Going On”–Tucker Carlson Issues Warning About Media Turning On Biden

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During a segment on his show, Tucker Carlson issued a warning about the media turning on Joe Biden.

Tucker Carlson pointed out that the media helped Joe Biden get elected.(Or steal the election)

They covered up nearly all of his scandals.

They allowed him to hide in the basement.

They said nothing as he destroyed the US border.

They said nothing about rising gas prices and high inflation.

They said nothing about the various crimes Biden has committed along with his son Hunter Biden.

They have covered up for Biden.


From Mediaite:

Tucker Carlson found it strange on Friday that CNN has been criticizing President Joe Biden on Afghanistan.

Carlson said Biden’s allies are attacking him “openly and very aggressively,” highlighting CNN in particular and very critical reporting from Clarissa Ward in Kabul.

He told viewers that clip is significant because “CNN is a political organization, its anchors and reporters don’t decide for themselves what to say on camera, they are told what to say, they are told in highly specific terms every weekday morning on a wall with their commander, Jeff Zucker.”


“When CNN takes a position or changes its position on something, it changes as one, everybody, from the chirpy morning dingbats to Don Lemon in the night shift. They all say precisely what they are told to say,” Carlson continued.

He singled out Brianna Keilar to personally insult, saying, “On a good day she’s probably operating with a functional IQ of about 85, so it’s fair to say she is not coming up with her own material.”

What is going on here?

Is Impeachment coming soon?

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