Sidney Powell Is Launching A Super PAC

Sidney Powell is launching a Super PAC according to a statement.

From Epoch Times:

Attorney Sidney Powell, who filed third-party election lawsuits on behalf of former President Donald Trump, has launched a Super PAC dedicated to a range of aims, including freedom of speech, Constitutional rights, and “the sacred right of free and fair elections.”

In a statement on Saturday, Powell announced the launch of the Restore the Republic Super PAC, which is an independent expenditure-only political action committee that may receive unlimited contributions and may engage in unlimited political spending on initiatives, provided it does not coordinate directly with campaigns or candidates.

A Jan. 22 filing with the Federal Elections Commission shows Powell as the entity’s Custodian of Records, while former Trump campaign attorney Jesse Binnall serves as the Super PAC’s Treasurer.

Powell said what prompted the move is that Americans are “starved for truth, restoration of the Rule of Law, and even-handed accountability,” and are fed up with government corruption and an “elitist political class that views them with condescension and contempt.”

“The American people deserve a voice that exposes and rejects the self-interest of political parties, the control of tech giants, and the lies of the fake news,” she said.

Vowing to be a “voice for honesty, integrity, and a return to government by We the People,” Powell said the Restore the Republic Super PAC “will be dedicated to supporting candidates who will fight vigorously for our Constitutional rights, freedom of speech, and the sacred right of free and fair elections.”

“The PAC will promote candidates who fight for truth and the Rule of Law, and we will strenuously oppose any candidate who discards the Constitution for his own short term or political gain—regardless of her party,” she said.

This is the first thing Sidney Powell has done in some time.

She met with President Trump multiple times.

However, after those meetings there seems to have been very little contact.

Members of the Trump Administration did their best to block her from seeing the President.

She made a ton of allegations none of them have come to fruition to this point.

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