Sheriff David Clarke’s DHS Predecessor goes on epic whiny twitter rant

    Sheriff David Clarke announced he will be accepting a role to work at The Department of Homeland Security.

    Excerpt from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal:

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. will leave office next month to accept a federal appointment as an assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    He will work in the department’s Office of Partnership and Engagement as a liaison with state, local and tribal law enforcement and governments. 

    Phil McNamara, the man who Clarke is replacing hasn’t taken the news to well.

    We even got to hear more about Russia!

    Stay classy Phil!

    Sheriff Clarke will do a fine job in his new role. Donald Trump is in dire need of having some of his friends in government positions to help curtail members of the deep state and track down leakers.

    4 reasons Sheriff David Clarke needs to be the next FBI Director

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