“Shared A Lot Of Intelligence”-Former DNI Speaks Out On Durham Probe

More is going to drop from the Durham probe.

Former DNI John Ratcliffe said he “shared a lot of intelligence” with John Durham.

He said the intelligence showed “fake Russia collusion.”

From The Washington Examiner:

The U.S. government possessed a wealth of intelligence showing bogus allegations of collusion between former President Donald Trump and Russia, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said, referring to his time overseeing the nation’s spy apparatus.

Now special counsel John Durham is “revealing some of the details” of what Ratcliffe claims was a plan by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 team and their associates to sell “a false narrative” to the FBI and CIA, possibly leading to conspiracy charges in the politically charged inquiry.

“What I saw, that I had never seen as a member of Congress, was we have all kinds of intelligence about fake Russia collusion. That Hillary Clinton had created or had a campaign plan to create fake Russian allegations to smear Donald Trump with things about Russia that weren’t true,” Ratfcliffe said during an interview on Fox News’s Life, Liberty & Levin which aired Sunday evening.

Ratcliffe, a former Republican congressman from Texas who served as overseer of the nation’s 17 intelligence agencies in the latter part of the Trump administration, declassified last fall two heavily redacted Russia-related documents, including handwritten notes from former CIA Director John Brennan showing he briefed then-President Barack Obama in 2016 on an unverified Russian intelligence report. The report claimed Clinton planned in July 2016 on tying then-candidate Trump to Russia’s hack of the Democratic National Committee to distract from the controversy surrounding her improper use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state.

In his interview with Levin, Ratcliffe said he “shared a lot of intelligence” with Durham, noting it is “not just what’s been declassified.” Ratcliffe announced in October that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence had given nearly 1,000 pages of materials to the Justice Department in response to the special counsel’s document requests.

Stay tuned!

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