Sham Jan 6th Committee Privately Divided – Some Members Want To Get Rid Of The Electoral College

The sham Jan 6th panel is privately divided on legislation being passed after the panel is done.

Some Democrat members want to abolish the electoral college while Rep. Liz Cheney is only interested in going after President Donald Trump.

They are keeping these disagreements private according to the report until after they have their public hearings to not show any division among members.

From Axios:

The House’s Jan. 6 committee has split behind the scenes over what actions to take after the public hearings: Some members want big changes on voting rights — and even to abolish the Electoral College — while others are resisting proposals to overhaul the U.S. election system, Axios has learned.

Disagreements arise whenever proposals are raised such as abolishing the Electoral College, vastly expanding voting rights like same-day registration or tightening the Insurrection Act to make it harder for a president to deploy the military domestically for use on civilians.

Behind the scenes: Nobody on the House select committee is more committed than Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) to pursuing Trump for inciting the attack on the Capitol. But she flatly opposes some of the more sweeping election law reforms backed by several committee Democrats.

The longer the Jan. 6 committee postpones making legislative recommendations, the less likely those recommendations are to pass.


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