Seven illegal aliens have been arrested for the aiding and abetting the attempted escape of Peter Arriaga, the illegal alien who killed legal immigrant police officer Singh. 

Here are there names:

Bernabe Madrigal Castaneda

Erasmo Villegas

Maria Luisa Moreno

Conrado Virgen

Ana Leyde Cervantes

Razo Quiroz

Virgen Mendoza

The last two on this list Razo Quiroz and Virgen Mendoza were shielded by California’s Sanctuary City policies. Razo is a convicted felon according to ICE.


Razo Quiroz, accused of lying to authorities and helping Perez Arriaga evade arrest, was previously deported twice out of the U.S. to Mexico. His most recent deportation was in March 2012. According to ICE officials, Razo Quiroz is a convicted felon.

Similarly, illegal alien Virgen Mendoza, also accused of aiding Perez Arriaga, was previously convicted for a misdemeanor in California but was not turned over to ICE for deportation to Mexico following the conviction due to the state’s sanctuary law.


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