Senate Republicans Protect Big Tech, Then Big Tech Censors Them

President Trump has been pushing for Section 230 to be repealed in the National Defense Authorization Act.

When it wasn’t he threatened to VETO.

We have reported on this multiple times:

Trump Officially VETOES Defense Bill Keeping Big Tech Protections In Place
Trump Keeps His Promise Announces He Will Veto Defense Bill
Trump Announces He Will Veto Defense Bill After It Wouldn’t Terminate Section 230

Of course, unlike Trump, many members of the Senate GOP have no backbone. They voted to override President Trump’s veto.

We reported on this last night:

List Of GOP Senators Who Voted To Override Trump’s Defense Bill Veto

Of course, that isn’t going to stop the Senate GOP from virtue signaling.

The next day they whined about being censored by Facebook:

They were rightfully mocked for this:

Even President Trump got in on the action:

This is the swamp of the Republican Party.

They do nothing!

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