Seattle-Area Teacher Uses Racial Slur To Describe Black Americans Who Support Trump

A Seattle-area teacher posted to Instagram a video of him using racial slurs to describe Black Americans who support President Trump.

Stefon Lyons attended the RNC Convention in DC. Conservatives and police were harassed and assaulted as they left the White House following President Trump’s speech. The incident made headlines for the violence, including a scary incident where a mob threatened Senator Rand Paul and his wife.

On Instagram, Lyons posted a video under the “stories” feature. He was in the backseat of an Uber explaining what he witnessed.

“You could hear the protesters getting loud, so we’re out there for that…,” Lyons said. “…as we were leaving, we ran into people leaving the acceptance speech. So, a bunch of rich, GOP donors. And we actually had some interesting words with a black family that supports Trump.”

He then feigns two coughs as he blurts out the slurs “c**ns” and “Uncle Toms” to describe the black conservatives.

He responded by saying this wasn’t a hateful statement:

Reached via email, Lyons insists his statement wasn’t hateful, noting he was joking.

“In the black community these words both represent being a sellout,” Lyons tells the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “While there is a racial connotation attached to both words, they aren’t hateful like some other racially charged phrases. While I’ll own the fact I could’ve used better language, [it’s] pretty clear in the video this wasn’t a hateful statement.”

“The video doesn’t represent how I feel about black people, conservatives, or black conservatives, but about one specific experience, with a specific group of people,” he explains.

What a sad story. It is stunning the treatment black conservatives get. No one seems to be willing to actually debate the issues. All they do is hurl slurs at them and accuse them of being traitors.

Remember folks, this guy was teaching students.

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