Schweizer: People In D.C Want Hunter Biden Scandal To Go Away Because It Potentially Implicates Them

President of the Government Accountability Institute Peter Schweizer went on Fox News to claim that people in D.C want the Hunter Biden scandal to go away because it implicates them.

This is 110% true. They know that if Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are exposed then they will be next.

Because the schemes the Biden family used are used by all of the corrupt politicians. The Biden family isn’t alone.

That is why the Deep State is working overtime to protect the Bidens.

Why did AG Barr not tell Americans the truth about Hunter Biden?

A new report outlines how Attorney General Barr concealed the fact that Hunter Biden had been under investigation since 2018.

The Washington Examiner:

Attorney General William Barr reportedly worked to keep investigations involving Hunter Biden’s business affairs out of the public’s view during the 2020 election.

A source told the Wall Street Journal that Barr knew since the spring about federal investigations centered in Delaware and Manhattan looking into Biden’s business and financial dealings. This was around the time his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

The news comes shortly after reports said Barr plans to stay at the Justice Department until President Trump’s term ends in January, tamping down speculation that he wants to step down early.

Neither inquiry is said to implicate the elder Biden, but Justice Department guidelines advise against overt investigatory actions that could disrupt an election. Still, Republicans have long called for investigations into Hunter Biden, and such a demand by Trump to Ukraine’s president even paved the way to impeachment.

The report said Barr has resisted demands by Republicans in Congress for information on any investigations involving Hunter Biden. In the final weeks leading up to the election, which Joe Biden won, there had been scarce reporting on federal investigatory action related to his son, but there was a great deal of coverage dedicated to the controversy surrounding Trump allies’ efforts to draw attention to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and potential for the involvement of a foreign disinformation campaign.

This is absolutely disgusting.  We can all understand the policy of not wanting to have the DOJ impact elections but this goes much deeper than that.

We had a Presidential candidate lying to the American people about his son. We had a Media complicit in the cover-up. The American people deserved to know about this.

This is just another example of the double standard we see. The Obama administration spied on Trump’s campaign. They actively worked to undermine them before and after the election.

What did Trump’s DOJ do? They covered up for Joe Biden. The Mainstream Media will never tell you this.

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