Russian’s Mueller indicted unexpectedly show up in court, Mueller isn’t ready

During Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show former U.S Attorney Joe diGenova dumped cold water on the Mueller Probe.

Fox News:

Former U.S Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova said Special Counsel Robert Mueller was “not ready” to be called into court by Russian interests he previously indicted.

DiGenova said that at least one of the more than a dozen Russian individuals and companies Mueller indicted earlier this year effectively called his bluff on holding further litigation.

DiGenova said Mueller likely indicted the Russian interests because he “needed something Russian” to be charged in his probe, and that since they are from another country, they would be unlikely to fight back.

“One of the Russian companies sent them to court [over the charges],” diGenova said, adding that Mueller’s team then “objected strenuously” to that news.

This is clearly awful news for Robert Mueller. If this indictment proves to be nothing then it will give absolute credence to Donald Trump’s claim that this is nothing more than a witchhunt designed to take him out of office.

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