Russian Ads show Russian meddlers had little knowledge of U.S. election system

    According to Senators in charge of the Sentance Intelligence Committee’s Russia Probe, US meddlers showed little knowledge of U.S election systems.

    Washington Times:

    It was extensive and ambitious, but it wasn’t particularly sophisticated.

    The shadowy Kremlin propaganda operation to meddle in the U.S. presidential election last year ran four times as many Facebook ads in the deep-blue state of Maryland than it did in more-critical swing states such as Wisconsin, the head of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence revealed Wednesday.

    Sen. Richard Burr, North Carolina Republican, said the 55 ads in Wisconsin — costing less than $2,000 total — were virtually all run before the state’s primary, and none mentioned candidate Donald Trump by name, suggesting they were less about boosting the candidate and more about sowing general chaos.


    The findings provided little support for Democratic complaints that a wide-ranging, surreptitious Russia social media assault helped sway the election to Mr. Trump over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

    Now, of course, this would shatter the collusion narrative on its own. The idea that Russia just wanted to sow division in our country rather than get Trump elected is the biggest monkey wrench that could be thrown into their narrative. I also find it interesting that Hillary herself admitted that Russians wouldn’t be able to properly these Ads if they didn’t get help from the inside, well here’s evidence they didn’t know how to properly weaponize them.

    The Mainstream Media won’t cover this because it proves the story they have been peddling for more than a year is nonsense.

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