RUDY TO MUELLER: ‘Put up or Shut up’

Trump’s attorney once again took aim at the Mueller probe calling for him to ‘Put up or Shut up’.


Giuliani said, “[W]e believe that the investigation should be brought to a close. We think they’re at the end of it. They should render their report, put up—I mean I guess if we were playing poker, we’re not, but put up or shut up, what do ya got?”

He continued, “We have every reason to believe they don’t have anything. The president hasn’t done anything wrong. They don’t have any evidence he did anything wrong. They have lots of stuff that goes up this alley and that alley. Last week, we were chasing all these things about Cohen. The week before that, we found out the investigation was begun by a guy who was a scoundrel—Strzok. The week before that, the Horowitz report cast doubt on the legitimacy of both the Clinton investigation, and in particular, this one. Because, although, in the Clinton investigation, Horowitz found that they were biased, but it didn’t show the effects of bias. In this investigation, he reserved judgment on that. So, that’s still being investigated, whether the people who started this investigation had such a severe bias that they shouldn’t have been involved in it. I don’t know what the consequences of that are. But, as a lawyer, one of the consequences would be that you’re going to attack the legitimacy of the investigation.”

Trump and his legal team have been on the attack as of late. Giuliani announced that he would be putting together a counter report to combat whatever Mueller puts out and even claimed that the probe would be over by September 1st.

Trump also took to Twitter yesterday calling for Jeff Sessions to put an end to the probe, although Sarah Sanders later claimed it was his opinion and not a direct order.

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