Rudy Asks The Real Question: Who Is Biden Putting First?

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Rudy Giuliani just asked the real question.

On an episode of his Podcast “Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense” , he posed the question who is Joe Biden really putting first?

He then followed it up with this:

Here is the episode:

This is a good question. Under President Trump, all of his policies put American citizens first.

Whether it was bringing our troops home.

Making sure our border was secure.

Properly vetting those entering the country.

Trade deals.

All of these were done with our countries best interest in mind.

Joe Biden is doing the complete opposite:

Let’s look at some of his policies.

Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. This basically kills the American economy while doing nothing to China. This deal does nothing to make America stronger.

Open Borders. Thankfully to this point, Biden has not been able to fully open up America’s borders. Let’s be clear about this. I feel terrible for those living in poor countries who try to come to America for a better life. However, open borders policies are not the answer. In fact, open borders hurt those in America who are struggling the most. The only people Open Borders benefit is the ruling class in this country.

These are just two examples of Biden not serving the American people first.

Of course, Biden is also serving his donors and China over the American people.

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