FB CEO Admits They Want To Work With Biden…Exec Says Facebook Has “Too Much Power”

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Project Veritas dropped another bombshell.

In the video, they released, Mark Zuckerberg admits that he wants to work with the Biden Administration.

Another Facebook executive admitted that Facebook has “too much power”.

More video shows that Facebook employees agree politically with the radical left:

The insider is still inside of Facebook:

There is a lot to unpack here.

The first is that Facebook admits they want to work with the Biden Administration. This is a completely different stance than they had with the Trump Administration. They were undermining, not working with them.

The next is the fact they admit they have “too much power”. Now, you might see this as a good thing. If they admit they have too much power then they’d be open to having their monopoly slightly taken away. However, I think it is actually far more dangerous. What they are basically saying is we need to work with the government on our censorship practices to make sure we are doing things right. They ask governments to have “democratically” agreed on principles to help them make these decisions. Of course, that can very easily turn into Democrats telling Facebook what to do. In America, we do have a “democratically” agreed on principle. That principle is the right to free speech. Of course, they have no interest in that one.

The final part is that it is clear that Facebook is a tool of the far-left. Zuckerberg admits that they support Biden’s policies. This was never about Free Speech or Hate Speech. Big Tech Censorship was put in place to protect the radical left.

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