Rubio blasts Deep State over Venezuela story, threatens to ‘out’ leakers

Marco Rubio blasted the Deep State on Twitter over a Washington Post story that claimed that Donald Trump is losing patience and interest in Venezuela. He also threatened to out the sources.

Here is part of the Washington Post report(Free Beacon):

The Post reported the summer had arrived with no indication “the Trump administration has a coherent strategy to remove” brutal left-wing dictator Nicolas Maduro, who has clung to power despite calls from the U.S. and dozens of allies to step down after a sham re-election. The South American country’s once-mighty economy has collapsed under Maduro’s socialist regime, and opposition leader Juan Guaido has been backed by the U.S. as the legitimate president.

The Post quoted anonymous officials saying Trump believed the inability to swiftly remove Maduro reflected poorly on Bolton and his director for Latin American policy, Mauricio Claver-Carone. They also described Trump as having lost patience and interest in the situation.

They also quoted someone denying this report:

The Post quoted one anonymous official who pushed back on the narrative that the White House was giving up. The Trump administration has sought to squeeze Maduro and his allies with tough sanctions in a maximum pressure campaign.

“The United States never said that its effort in Venezuela would be limited to one round,” the official said. “The administration’s maximum-pressure policy relies upon consistency and discipline to achieve the ultimate goal.”

Here are Marco Rubio’s tweets:

This story has two parts.

The first is that Rubio is correct to say that this is what infighting looks like. Sadly our media has nothing to do with truth anymore. The Mainstream Media is used for people in Washington to attack their political enemies or to push their political agenda.

The Second is his threat to out these members of the deep state who are working to undermine President Trump. I have never heard a politician talk about a story like this and I have to say I hope Marco does. It is time to take these anonymous sources from the shadows and force them to back up there claims.

Rubio, who I don’t think would lie about his conversations with Trump basically debunks the entire story. He says that Presiden Trump has talked to him recently about Venezuela which is the opposite of what the story claims.

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