RINO Kinzinger Could Lose Seat Due To Redistricting

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RINO Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) could lose his seat due to redistricting.

Kinzinger has been one of the weakest Republicans in the House.

From Just The News:

Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, an outspoken critic of former President Trump and more recently maligned with House leadership, now appears more in danger of losing reelection at the hands of Democrats.

Illinois lawmakers are set to release a new congressional map likely to gut Kinzinger’s Chicago-area seat, several sources close to the redistricting process told Politico.

Such a move would leave Kinzinger with few options for remaining in office next year – either run in another district or for governor in the Democratic-leaning state.

State Democrats reportedly say their decision on the district held by Kinzinger – one of two House Republicans appointed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to her select Jan. 6 Capitol riot commission – is based on geography and population trends.

As a result of the state’s declining population, Illinois is losing one of its 18 congressional districts, and Democrats in charge of the process need some of Kinzinger’s blue-leaning voters to shore up party Rep. Lauren Underwood and the open seat now held by retiring Rep. Cheri Bustos, according to Politico.

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