Report: Some intelligence agents think Trump-Russia might be a counterintelligence scam

A new report from the Washington Examiner dumps cold water on the Russia-Trump narrative.

Under a section titled

The ultimate chess piece

In his June testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Mr. Comey maintained that Mr. Clapper had asked him to be alone with Mr. Trump to “personally do this portion of the briefing” for two reasons.

The first was that among those in the Obama-era intelligence inner circle who were present at Trump Tower that day, Mr. Comey was the one who would be staying on at his position and would have dealings with the new president, given the nominal 10-year term FBI directors are given.

The second, according to Mr. Comey’s testimony, was because “the material implicated the FBI’s counterintelligence responsibilities.”

“It is important to understand that FBI counterintelligence investigations are different than the more commonly known criminal investigative work,” said the former FBI director, implying that the entire meeting at Trump Tower that day was actually part of a high-stakes espionage operation.

Mr. Comey’s comments — vague as they may have sounded in Senate testimony — turned heads in the back hallways of America’s spy agencies.

What exactly was he getting at? Was he publicly revealing that there were serious concerns at the highest levels of U.S. intelligence that the president-elect may truly have been compromised by the Russians and could be vulnerable to Kremlin blackmail?

The next excerpt I will show you is where the bombs are dropped:

Or was Mr. Comey revealing something else: that he and the other intelligence chiefs were using Mr. Trump as a chess piece in their counterintelligence operation against the Kremlin by feeding him salacious and unverified information from the dossier to see how Moscow might react?

According to Mr. Comey, it was all very simple. He and his colleagues “knew the media was about to publicly report on the material” and felt they needed to inform Mr. Trump about it. That way, “to the extent there was some effort to compromise an incoming president, we could blunt any such effort with a defensive briefing,” the former FBI director said.

He also said FBI leaders had discussed among themselves whether to inform Mr. Trump that the bureau was not actively investigating him personally. Without Mr. Trump directly asking the question, Mr. Comey said, he told the president-elect he was not under investigation.

Almost immediately after Mr. Comey left Trump Tower, his car hit midtown traffic in Manhattan, where, according to his testimony, he fished out his laptop and typed his recollections of the interaction with Mr. Trump. The former FBI director maintains he engaged in this practice after all subsequent meetings with Mr. Trump until the president fired him in May amid tensions resulting from the Russian meddling investigation.

If this is true then this is a disgusting act by our intelligence agencies. The bottom line is that this Russian Narrative has impacted our country significantly. The Russian Narrative has left half of the country thinking the election was illegitimate. They claim that Trump didn’t win the election, he rather, with the help of Russia stole it. This is dangerous. If the Democrats had it their way Trump would have already been impeached over this. That in itself is a huge threat to our Democracy. The American People voted for Donald Trump, the idea that you could cry impeachment before the investigation is completed is telling the American people your vote doesn’t matter. It also has hindered Trump’s legislative agenda. Due to the fact he is constantly fighting off Russian collusion claims he loses some political capital. If he isn’t as popular due to this false narrative then others in the Senate or House will not support him as strongly.

The Russian Narrative has divided our country. The Russian narrative has threatened our Democracy. If it turns out it was just one giant made up the narrative by unelected intelligence leaders that is disgusting.

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