Report: New York city installing 1,500 barriers to prevent vehicle attacks

According to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, they are putting in 1,500 barriers to prevent vehicle attacks against Pedestrians.


Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday announced new measures to prevent vehicle ramming terror attacks in New York City.

Starting later this month, the city will begin installing more than 1,500 new permanent bollards in Times Square and other public spaces.

The metal stations are meant to address the threat of vehicle-borne terror attacks and keep pedestrians safe.

“These bollards will make sure vehicles can never come into places where pedestrians are,” de Blasio said.

Here is the cost of these barriers.

The city plans to spend $50 million on the new protective bollards. The first ones will be temporary, followed by the permanent installation beginning in March 2018. The complete rollout of these permanent structures will be completed over the next few years.

The city conducted a review of locations, including business corridors, tourist attractions and iconic sites, identifying 10 key locations to be addressed with permanent fixtures. Most of these locations are currently protected with temporary security structures.

This bill was passed by the transportation committee unanimously with a 50-0 vote.

If you remember back just a few months ago ISIS sympathizer Sayfullo Saipov drove a truck into pedestrians.

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