Report: Michael Cohen may have taped conversations with Trump

A new report outlines that Michael Cohen may have secretly taped conversations with Donald Trump.

Chicago Tribune:

President Donald Trump‘s personal attorney Michael Cohen sometimes taped conversations with associates, according to three people familiar with his practice, and allies of the president are worried that the recordings were seized by federal investigators in a raid of Cohen’s office and residences this week.

Cohen, who served for a decade as a lawyer at the Trump Organization and is a close confidant of Trump, was known to store the conversations using digital files and then replay them for colleagues, according to people who have interacted with him.

“We heard he had some proclivity to make tapes,” said one Trump adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation. “Now we are wondering, who did he tape? Did he store those someplace where they were actually seized? . . . Did they find his recordings?”

They don’t know if Cohen did, however.

It is unknown whether Cohen taped conversations between himself and Trump. But two people familiar with Cohen’s practices said he recorded both business and political conversations. One associate said Trump knew of Cohen’s practice because the attorney would often play him recordings Cohen had made of his conversations with other top Trump advisers.

“It was his standard practice to do it,” this person said. 

Trump and his allies have reason to worry about this. The first is that if Cohen has tapes of him and Trump then Mueller has leverage. Any conversations Trump had with Cohen were likely over something that would have put him in legal jeopardy.

As we reported Michael Cohen’s hotel room and office were raided at the recommendation of Robert Mueller. We also reported that the focus of the raid was centered around records pertaining to Cohen’s payments to Stormy Daniels and if any payments were made in regards to Stormy Daniels.

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