Report: Kim Jong-un seeking McDonalds, Trump branded tower in meeting

According to a report from The Daily Mail, Kim Jong-un is looking for an investment in security during his meeting with Donald Trump.

The Daily Mail:

Could the prospect of a Big Mac be all it takes to convince Kim Jong-un to curtail his nuclear ambitions?

North Korean officials said the isolated regime wants to modernise its economy and become a ‘normal country’ during a dinner that followed the recent historic summit between Kim and South Korean president Moon Jae-in.

Chung-in Moon, a special adviser to president Moon who attended the dinner in April, recently revealed that North Korea wants American investments to deliver a boost to the nation’s economy.

US companies establishing operations in Pyongchang would also provide a guarantee to North Korea’s security.

‘They want to be a normal country, a normal state, to be recognised by the United States,’ Chung-in told CNN International.

‘They welcome American sponsors and multilateral consortiums coming into North Korea.’

Asked for examples, Chung-in suggested McDonald’s and a Trump-branded tower as examples of what would be ‘modern’ in North Korea.

None of this is possible unless the United States decides to lift sanctions off North Korea.

It seems that Kim Jong-un is looking for two main things from the meeting with Trump. The first is security for his regime. Kim has made it clear that he will not tolerate his regime being toppled after they become denuclearized. The next is moving North Korea into the modern world economically. Kim Jong-un is asking for a Trump-branded tower and McDonalds as a way to start having some semblance of an economy.



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