Report: Donald Trump Eying Early 2024 Announcement

Donald Trump is eyeing an early announcement of his 2024 campaign according to reports.

Trump might even just make the announcement on Social Media.

From DNYUZ(Bias Warning):

Republicans are bracing for Donald J. Trump to announce an unusually early bid for the White House, a move designed in part to shield the former president from a stream of damaging revelations emerging from investigations into his attempts to cling to power after losing the 2020 election.

While many Republicans would welcome Mr. Trump’s entry into the race, his move would also exacerbate persistent divisions over whether the former president is the party’s best hope to win back the White House. The party is also divided over whether his candidacy would be an unnecessary distraction from midterm elections or even a direct threat to democracy.

The timing of a formal announcement from Mr. Trump remains uncertain. But he recently surprised some advisers by saying he might declare his candidacy on social media without warning even his own team, and aides are scrambling to build out basic campaign infrastructure in time for an announcement as early as this month.

During an interview with Newsmax Trump did not rule out having Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his running mate.

From Conservative Brief:

But Finnerty didn’t just ask Trump if he planned on running, he appeared to assume that he will by then asking if he had considered rising GOP star and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a running mate.

“Well, I get along with him,” Trump said before going on to take credit for DeSantis’ rise: “I was very responsible for his success because I endorsed him and he went up like a rocketship.”

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