Report: Democrats will target Trump family, businesses if they retake House

Democrats are planning on digging through all of Trump and his families past if they retake the House of Representatives in November.


A Democratic takeover of either chamber of Congress stands to set off investigations into President Donald Trump and his personal finances, members of his family, and senior administration officials, an onslaught that raises the stakes for the midterm elections.

While some Democrats have pressed for Trump’s impeachment, what would be certain is that Democratic committee chairs would swamp Trump and his deputies with subpoenas, document requests and public hearings that would bog down his administration and distract from his agenda ahead of the 2020 elections.

Already, congressional Democrats have amassed dozens of oversight requests targeting the White House, various Cabinet departments and private entities with business ties to Trump and his family.

So far those requests have mostly been ignored by the Republican majorities in the House and Senate. But if Democrats seize committee gavels, they would regain a plethora of tools to probe Trump over the next two years.

“Everything gets investigated,” said Thomas M. Davis III, the Republican former chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, discussing the implications for Trump. “You spend half your time answering subpoenas, digging up documents and having your people appear before these committees. . . . Frankly, your legacy is ruined at that point.”

This shows that even if the Russia investigation ends the Democrats won’t stop looking into Trump’s past. It is imperative for Trump’s Presidency to continue to be a success that Republicans keep the house and Trump is going to be able to continue to be able to govern.


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