Rand Paul questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray on whether phone calls between the President and foreign leaders might be picked up during FISA collection.

The 6-minute questioning I posted above is a must watch. It touches on a few important topics.

Journalists communications being picked up in the FISA database:

Rand Paul questions if journalists are being picked up by the FISA Court. This could raise significant issues regarding Freedom Of The Press.

Members of Congress’s communications being picked by FISA database:

Members of Congress being spied on could create a major crisis regarding the separation of power in Washington.

President’s phone communications being picked up by FISA database:

Christopher Wray refused to answer if President Trump and Former President Barack Obama had their phone calls with foreign leaders picked up. Allowing unelected bureaucrats have the ability to hurt a President through the leaking of his private phone calls is a grave threat to national security.

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