Rep. Ted Budd(R-NC) called the spending bill truly catastrophic from a Conservative perspective.

Here is his statement.

It’s a bleak day for North Carolina taxpayers. Ultimately, Schumer got his tunnel, but the president did not get his wall.  The more than $500 million included for Gateway in this spending bill is the camel’s nose under the tent for funding the entire $30 billion project on the back of the federal taxpayer.  The fact that this program would be funded over overwhelming Republican objections, including President Trump, the Senate, and the House, is a disgrace. Add in funding for sanctuary cities and Planned Parenthood without funding for the border wall, and this bill is truly catastrophic from a conservative perspective. I will vote no.

The rest of the spending bill:

TURNCOATS: GOP hands Democrats huge win on spending bill, WH must veto

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