Rep Peter King to Bill O’Reilly: Obama administration spied on Trump transition

    During the O’Reilly factor on Wednesday night member of the house intelligence committee, (R) Rep Peter King has this to say

    “The president had a very legitimate case to make,” King said. “He overstepped it by saying President Obama ordered wiretapping. That we don’t know, but what we do know is to me this is shameful.”

    Now, this is nothing new. Everybody knew that it would be almost impossible to find Obama’s fingerprints on the murder weapon. He made sure to order members of his administration to get information on Trump by any means necessary without being able to prove Obama himself ordered it.

    When O’Reilly asked the seriousness of the truth behind Trump being surveilled King said

    “I would say, from all I know, you’re at least 99-and-a-half percent accurate, and probably 100 percent,” 

    Looks like the narrative the media called dead continues to have a ton of life.

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