Rep. Lauren Boebert: Most Of Us Have No Clue Who Is Running The Biden White House

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Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO)  is saying what we are all thinking.

She took to Twitter to point out Biden is not running his own White House.

We have been trying to figure this out.

Most of the theories have basically pointed to Kamala being the real one in charge:

Biden Calls Lid At 8 A.M…Kamala Keeps Schedule

Kamala Taking Some Calls With Foreign Leaders…While Biden Played Mario Kart

CNN: Biden Is More Of An “Early-To-Bed” Type Than Past Presidents

However, we learned that it might be more complicated than just that.

Biden didn’t inform Kamala of the Syria strike before it happened.

Posobiec Claims Kamala Harris Was Not Informed Of Syria Bombing Before It Happened

This is deeper than we thought.

My guess is that there are multiple different groups in the White House and throughout the government fighting for control over this Administration.

The Deep State is alive and well.

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