Bongino: My Secret Service Sources Tell Me “How Bad Biden’s Condition Is”

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This is a sad, sad, update.

Former Secret Service Agent and Conservative Commentator Dan Bongino said that secret service agents are telling him just how bad Biden’s condition is.

We also, of course, have this claim from a man who worked with Biden closely:

Author: Biden’s Mental Capacity Has Declined 50% Since 2011

Folks if these coverups are true this is likely the biggest coverup in American history.

If this is entirely true then we have a President who is not fit for the job.

But it goes deeper than that.

If Biden can’t run the country then who is?

Are unelected advisers running the country?

I have the same opinion as Hannity. I simply am not going to play doctor and try and say what is going on with Biden.

However, it seems clear from Bongino that those in the White House know something is wrong.

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