REAL NEWS! Venezuelan paper blasts regime ‘The regime is not going to last long’

Miguel Enrique Otero, president-editor of  El Nacional, the only anti-Venezuelan regime newspaper has basically declared war on the regime.

El Nacional: 

“The governments of Hugo Chávez, first, and of Nicolás Maduro, later, raised in the Plan de la Patria 15 years ago the concept of” communicational hegemony “. This was shown to be the Cuban model in the long term.

He added that the model has been developed over time, first with radio and television and then with print media through the paper supply, he explained in an interview for  El Deber.

When asked about any way out of the censorship process of the national government, Henrique Otero said: “Journalists and independent media have to move forward. We are going to continue forward for democracy. The regime is not going to last long. “

“We are ready to adapt and fight on both fronts,” he said.

The Mainstream Media has been quiet on this front but this is an example of real journalism. These journalists are under threat from a totalitarian regime yet they still print the truth.


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