RBG: Abortions are “safer” than child birth

During oral arguments Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg made the claim that Abortions were actually safer than child birth.


The lie is so deeply ingrained in the pro-abortion psyche that even Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg repeated it during oral arguments earlier this month in an important abortion case from Louisiana.

“Among medical procedures, first-trimester abortion is among the safest – far safer than childbirth,” Ginsburg said, failing to attribute this “fact” to any reliable source – as the abortion advocates have failed to do since Roe v. Wade.

This claim is of course, false. 

This old – and specious – claim was demolished in the amicus briefs filed for the case of June Medical Services v. Russo.

The American Center for Law and Justice, the American Academy of Medical Ethics, and the American College of Pediatricians submitted a brief in support of a Louisiana law that requires hospital admitting privileges for abortionists.

On page 17 of the 119-page brief, they wrote:

No one expects to see an ambulance pulling away from a dermatology or dental office. Yet ambulances are a not uncommon sight at abortion facilities. This sorry fact is just one of many that belie the abortion industry myth that abortion is safe and routine, even safer than childbirth. As demonstrated below, abortion in fact is a hazardous procedure that all too often results in serious complications. Moreover, the common claim of abortion advocates that abortion is safer than childbirth is based upon incomplete data and flagrantly inapt comparisons. The published medical evidence strongly suggests that abortion is more dangerous, not less, than childbirth.

The brief documents 72 instances of women being taken by ambulance from abortion businesses in 2019 alone. Perhaps that seems a very small number, given the annual carnage caused by legal child-killing, but the brief also notes that the only way the public finds out about abortion injuries is when pro-lifers are outside the facilities to take note.

“There is every reason to believe this list is just the tip of the iceberg,” the brief explains. “The news media do not, as a rule, report on medical emergencies at abortion facilities.”

The names of 10 young women killed by legal abortion in recent years were also included in the brief. Some of these deaths generated a story or two in each woman’s local media, but certainly not the wall-to-wall national coverage that followed the death of Kanye West’s mother after cosmetic surgery. Moms who die from abortion are just the under-reported collateral damage of the killing machine that is legal abortion.

The brief analyzes the ways that the relative “safety” of abortion is compared to childbirth, suggesting that in the end it boils down to which statistics are included and which are omitted. Here’s a sampling of some of these errors, as spelled out in the brief.

  • Abortion deaths are also counted as pregnancy deaths.
  • Abortion death statistics don’t include delayed deaths that can be attributed to abortion, like suicide.
  • Abortion deaths are under-reported, since the collection of abortion data is not mandated, and abortion deaths are routinely attributed to other causes

This brief that Life News mentions doesn’t factor in the fact that abortion litterally kills a human everytime that it is performed. The fatality rate on an abortion is 100%.

It is quite stunning that someone like Ruth Bader-Ginsburg is currently serving on the highest court in our country. Someone who spews such an evil lie like this one. I hear people all the time tell us that we should never refer to people as evil in politics. However, support for abortion is clealry evil. Abortion is murder. The murder of the most vulnerable among us.

It is also amazing how this gets covered up. No one in the Mainstream Press covered this crazy claim and it was like she said nothing. The Fake News will never change!

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