Psaki Lashes Out At Reporter: “Why Do You Need To Have That Information?”

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What is the Biden admin hiding? 

A reporter asked Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki a simple question about why they are not releasing the number of breakthrough Covid cases among White House staffers.

From The Daily Caller:

REPORTER: “Why not just provide the number are you trying to hide something?”

Psaki: “Why do you need to have that information?”

REPORTER: “Transparency…”

The reporter even went as far as to ask “are you trying to hide something?”


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What do you think is being hidden?

Remember this happened because the Texas Dems decided to flee Texas.

We already know that information about Kamala was hidden:

From Breitbart: 

White House spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris, Symone Sanders, was caught spreading misinformation on Monday regarding the vice president’s coronavirus test.

During the White House press briefing on Monday afternoon, press secretary Jen Psaki said that Harris had been tested for the coronavirus and that there was no detection of the coronavirus, attributing the information to the vice president’s office.

“I think the Vice President’s Office put out that she was tested, and that she did — there was no detection of COVID-19,” she said.

But that was not what the vice president’s office had said in a statement Sanders released on Saturday night.

In that statement, Sanders wrote that Harris and her staff “do not need to be tested” after meeting with Texas state lawmakers on Tuesday — even though some of them tested positive for the virus.

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