Project Veritas Drops CNN Tapes

Project Veritas has dropped their first set up of CNN tapes.

National Pulse:

But the most shocking part of the call sees field producer Stephanie Becker demanding the network discuss how another 9/11 terror attack could occur if Trump doesn’t aid the Biden transition.

Becker claims: “On the issue of why it’s important to get the transition going right, the 9/11 [Commission] Report talks about one of the problems was that the trouble that was brewing that lost during the transition.

“So if you want a good concrete example of what happens when you don’t have a good transition, well, look at the Twin Towers.”


Key Points:

-CNN Was never planning on covering Voter Fraud. They already had decided they would not take Trump’s Voter Fraud claims seriously

-Claimed another 9/11 could happen because Trump wants to make sure that the election was fair

-Claimed that their chyrons have been too nice to Conservatives

-Attacked Trump, Lindsey Graham, and many other Republicans

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