Pope on the West: “We are no longer under a Christain Regime”

During his Christmas Message, Pope Francis called for a change in the way the Church “evangelizes” and pointed out that the West is losing its Christain founding.


The Catholic Church must adopt new approaches to evangelization in a post-Christian West, Pope Francis said in a Christmas message to Vatican officials.

“We need other maps, other paradigms that might help us change our ways of thinking. We are not in Christianity, not anymore!” the pope said Saturday.

“We are no longer under a Christian regime because the faith—especially in Europe, but also in much of the West—no longer constitutes an obvious premise of common life. On the contrary, it is even often denied, derided, marginalized and ridiculed,” the pope said.

The pope views economic equality, the rights of migrants and global warming as what the Church should really be focusing on.

Those popes stressed a need to clarify and reaffirm traditional teachings in response to liberalizing tendencies within the church and wider society. By contrast, Pope Francis has tended to play down such teachings and focus on social causes such as economic equality, the rights of migrants and efforts to counteract global warming.
Pope Francis on Saturday said the secularization of the West “necessarily entails changes” to the Vatican’s offices for doctrine and evangelization, including its missionary office, which oversees bishops in much of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

He then blasted “rigidity”.

Pope Francis’ words came during his annual Christmas greetings to the Curia, an event he has sometimes used to criticize officials for their shortcomings such as a tendency to gossip or resistance to reform. He struck a similar note only once in this year’s speech, when warning against the “attitude of rigidity.”

“Rigidity arises from fear of change and ends up strewing the ground of the common good with stakes and obstacles, turning it into a minefield of lack of communication and hatred. Let’s remember always that behind every rigidity lies some derangement,” he said.

This to me seems like a complete submission on the values the West was founded on. Why is it that we should just lay down as our traditions are changed.

The point of the church is to speak universal truths to people. The point of the church is to be a beacon of hope for the world. The point of the church is to try and change society, not to bend to it.

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