Pollster Issues Warning To Biden–“Strong Element Of Buyers Remorse”

Biden’s presidency continues to spiral out of control.

Pollster John Zogby just issued a warning to him.

According to Zogby, Biden is “in trouble” and there is a strong element of “buyer’s remorse” towards Biden.

From The Washington Examiner:

A new Rasmussen Reports poll says it all for this week. If the 2020 election were conducted today, former President Donald Trump would defeat current President Joe Biden by 10 points.

The margin may be a little high for my taste, but the results speak volumes about the state of the Biden presidency thus far. Only nine months into his term and there is a strong element of buyer’s remorse.

His 41% approval is 10 points lower than the percentage of votes he received less than a year ago. And, like English novelist Thomas Hardy’s “Mayor of Casterbridge,” nothing is going right for him.


“At the moment, he’s in trouble,” said pollster and Secrets grader John Zogby.


This comes as a new poll found Trump beating both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden in the hypothetical 2024 matchup.

From The Washington Examiner:

Just 247 days since President Joe Biden took the keys to the Oval Office, a majority of people appear to want him evicted and former President Donald Trump back.

In a stunning turnaround, likely voters today said that given a second chance at Election Day, they’d pick Trump over either Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris. And by a country mile.

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