Poll shows a public option for healthcare has bipartisan support

A Poll from Morning Consult found that a Public Option for Healthcare has bipartisan support.

Morning Consult: 

Unlike the “Medicare for all” system, the popularity of the public health insurance option transcends party lines. About three-fourths of all voters (76 percent) support a system offering them the choice to purchase coverage either from the government or the private market.


This shows that Medicare for All proposals put out by Democrats might not be as popular as many people think. Public Option healthcare is far more popular than government-run healthcare and that transcends party lines. Republicans should be happy about this Poll. It shows that although government-run healthcare is becoming more popular Americans still want the ability to buy from the free market.

Conservatives have a lot of evidence to debunk the Medicare For All lies they must use this Poll as proof that it is time to make a case for an open free healthcare market.

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