POLL! Only 3% of Americans have read the full Mueller report

According to a CNN Poll, only 3% of Americans have read the full Mueller report.


A scant 24% of Americans say they have read any of Mueller’s report, 75% have opted not to dive in to the 448-page document, and just 3% report having read the whole thing.

This Poll result shows us a lot actually although we’d need more data to figure out which theory is true.

1. Americans really don’t care all that much about the Russia investigation:

The fact only 3% have read the whole thing shows us that the bloviation from Washington has no basis in what is happening throughout the country. The biggest scandal in DC was the Barr and Mueller issues it is clear that everyday Americans really don’t care much about it.

2. People are forming their opinions regarding Mueller from whatever news outlets they read:

Although many Americans may not care about the Mueller report there is no way 75% have heard nothing about it. Democrats are likely getting their information from the Mainstream Media and left-wing sources who are likely focusing on the parts of the report that they view as bad for President Trump. Republicans likely are getting there news from right-wing sources which focus on the fact he was exonerated of the charges that have been brought against the President.

The bottom line is that Republicans are winning on the Mueller issue. Everyday Americans realize Trump was exonerated and if the Democrats keep pushing this story Americans will tune them out.

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