According to a new study, nearly 80% of Americans ay politics is the number one source of stress in their life.


U.S. politics have never felt quite as contemptuous, and unavoidable, as they do today. We’re a nation of people who are constantly plugged in, whether that be via smartphone, desktop, or regular old cable news. As such, it’s hard for the average adult to go so much as an hour without at least casually glancing at a sensationalized headline, nasty social media comment fueled by political disdain, or television screen featuring a bias news pundit. Now, a new survey of 2,000 Americans finds that all of this vitriol filled political discourse is taking a serious mental toll. An astounding 78% of respondents say politics are the number one source of anxiety and stress in their life.

The survey, commissioned by LIFEAID Beverage Co., also identified on-the-job worries (51%), and financial matters (51%) as other common factors stressing Americans out. Another major stressor for many is health and medical issues (37%), and 25% say their commute to work each day is a stressful nightmare. Surprisingly, 37% of respondents listed their own partner as a big source of personal anxiety and stress. Other frequently cited stressors included social media (29%) and climate change (32%).

All of that stress is complicating other aspects of life, as well, with two-thirds (67%) of respondents admitting their constant anxiety is causing them to be less productive at work.

It’s clear from the survey’s results that Americans are feeling stressed, but how are they alleviating these feelings? Unfortunately, 69% say they usually turn to “unhealthy” coping methods. Additionally, it seems fighting stress can also put a hurting on one’s wallet, with the survey estimating that the average adult spends $960 annually on products, activities, etc intended to relieve stress.

This is an extremely scary statistic. This shows us that politics are becoming more and more part of people’s everyday lives. This is exactly how you get a more divided country. This is exactly how our politics becomes even more violent. Are politics important? Of course. However, don’t let politics become the reason for your existence. Turn off the Fake News and start living life.

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