POLL: Nearly 60% of Democrats, 75% Swing voters don’t want ICE abolished

According to a New Poll even most Democrats don’t want to abolish ICE.


However, the latest Harvard/Harris Poll reveals that the overwhelming majority of Democrat voters say they do not want ICE abolished.

Nearly 60 percent of Democrats said they do not want ICE to be disbanded. Abolishing the deportation agency, as Breitbart News reported, would have allowed more than 1.6 million illegal aliens to have gone free throughout the U.S. in the last five years.

Additionally, swing voters are vastly opposed to abolishing ICE as well. Nearly 75 percent of swing voters said they supported ICE and did not want the agency to disband. About 78 percent of Republicans said the same, as well as nearly 70 percent of all Americans.

Although the Democrats likely won’t head this warning it is clear that their push to the far left is going to backfire. Swing voters and almost 60% of the Democratic base, in fact, could turn over the call to abolish ICE.

This might be a great bumper sticker for the left but it will likely only get the votes in California and New York.

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