A new Poll found that 60% of Americans will support Brett Kavanaugh if the FBI can’t corroborate Dr. Christine Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

The Hill:

Americans believe Christine Blasey Ford. And most also believe Brett Kavanaugh. Given this state of affairs, it’s the FBI investigation that has the most promise to settle the debate on whether Kavanaugh should be confirmed after what most voters see as a process that has degenerated into a national disgrace.

If the FBI finds no corroboration of the charges, 60 percent believe that Kavanaugh should then be confirmed, according to a weekend Harvard CAPS/Harris poll of 1,330 registered voters. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), feeling rather directly the corrosive split within the nation, has the support of the country in insisting upon a brief and limited FBI investigation before the final vote. Sixty-six percent of Americans support that decision, and that includes 80 percent of Democrats, 69 percent of independents but only 45 percent of Republicans. GOP voters were ready for a vote now, and overwhelmingly back the confirmation without further delay.

This actually shows that the FBI Probe might come back to hurt Democrats. If the FBI finds nothing then the entire process will lead to Kavanaugh being confirmed and him being viewed favorably by Americans. The fact 80% of Democrats also will support him does not bode well for the Blue Wave.

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