Poll: Biden’s Approval Hits New Low–Republicans +10 In Generic Ballot

Biden’s popularity continues to spiral downward. 

According to a new WashingtonPost/ABC poll found that Biden’s job approval is only at 41%.

This is a new low for the poll.

From ABC:

In terms of Biden’s job performance overall, a new low of 41% approve, while 53% disapprove, highly similar to his rating on the economy. Biden’s lost 11 points in approval since spring, accelerating with the coronavirus Delta surge and continuing with inflation.

The poll also found that Republicans have a 10-point lead in the generic ballot for midterms.

From ABC:

Republican congressional candidates currently hold their largest lead in midterm election vote preferences in ABC News/Washington Post polls dating back 40 years, underscoring profound challenges for Democrats hoping to retain their slim majorities in Congress next year.

As things stand, if the midterm elections were today, 51% of registered voters say they’d support the Republican candidate in their congressional district, 41% say the Democrat. That’s the biggest lead for Republicans in the 110 ABC/Post polls that have asked this question since November 1981. Indeed, it’s only the second time the GOP has held a statistically significant advantage (the other was +7 points in January 2002) and the ninth time it’s held any numerical edge at all.

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