POLL! 73% of Mexicans have unfavorable view of Migrant Caravan

According to a new Poll, 73% of Mexicans have an unfavorable view of the migrant caravan.


Seven out of ten Mexicans believe that the presence of undocumented migrants in their communities would increase crime or take away their work, according to a survey by the Mexican newspaper El Universal published on Sunday.  

46% of those surveyed considered that crime would increase, and another 27.1% would “take jobs away from Mexicans”, so that the sum of both percentages shows that 73.1% of citizens have an unfavorable opinion of the phenomenon. 

This figure is higher than the figure for October, when a survey conducted by the same newspaper indicated that 64.5% of Mexicans considered that Central American migrants would cause violence (39.7%) or reduce employment for the people of the country ( 24.8%). 

Since mid-October, several caravans of migrants from Central America, mostly Hondurans and Salvadorans, travel the country with the desire to reach the United States. In total it is estimated that they are at least 9,000, although about 1,900 were returned to their country voluntarily, according to a bulletin published this Sunday by the National Institute of Migration (INM). 

In November, 41.5% of respondents agree that Mexico allows migrants to enter the country and give them refuge, while 49.4% opposed this measure. 

On the other hand, 52.3% of the respondents rated positively that the Mexican government tries to prevent those who try to enter the country without a document, compared to 40.5% who disagree with these actions. 

Additionally, 52.8% of the population disagreed with the announcement by Mexico’s president-elect, leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to give work visas to Central American migrants arriving in Mexico. 41.8% of respondents would support this measure. 

Thus, 55.8% of Mexicans said that López Obrador should be “harder” with future migrant caravans that can reach the country, compared to 22.4% who said that they should act “in the same way” and 16.7% who considered that they should be “more flexible”. 

Thousands of migrants who have traveled in caravans to the border of Mexico with the United States, at least 4,700 are already in the city of Tijuana waiting to be able to ask for asylum. 

The survey was conducted with face-to-face interviews with 1,200 citizens between November 16 and 21. It has a confidence level of 95% and a rejection rate of 17.94%.

This Poll is extremely informative. The main part to look at here is the fact that the trend against the caravan has grown since it entered Mexico. This debunks the media’s main point. The constantly claim that the caravan is just a scare tactic. That Americans would barely notice if they entered the US. However, as this Poll shows us that isn’t true. These caravans have an actual effect on your country. The effects of these caravans can and will be felt wherever they allowed to enter.


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