POLL! 7 out of 10 say economy is in ‘good shape’

According to a new CNN Poll, 7 out of 10 Americans view the economy as in ‘good shape’.(It is important to recognize that only 51% approve of Trump’s handling of the economy)


Americans give the nation’s economy glowing reviews in a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS, and Donald Trump’s approval rating may be reaping the benefits.

Overall, 71% say the nation’s economy is in good shape, the highest share to say so since February 2001, and the best rating during Trump’s presidency by two points. A majority give the President positive reviews for his handling of the nation’s economy (51% approve), and his overall approval rating has ticked up to 42% in the new poll. The 51% who say they disapprove of the President’s job performance overall represent the lowest share to do so in CNN polling since the start of his presidency.

Trump’s 42% approval rating at this point in his presidency puts him near the bottom of the list of modern elected presidents, between President Bill Clinton in 1995 (44%) and President Ronald Reagan in 1983 (41%). Both were re-elected to second terms.

This is beyond great news for Donald Trump. For a President who finds himself with 90%+ negative media coverage the fact Americans are seeing through that on the economic end is a great thing.

It is unclear whether the 20% disparency between the 71% who think the economy is in ‘good shape’ and the 51% who approve of Donald Trump’s

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