A new Gallup Poll found that a majority of Americans oppose an Assault Weapons Ban.


According to the poll, 40 percent of Americans support such a ban but 57 percent oppose it. Gallup notes that the 40 percent “support for an assault rifles ban is below the historical average of 47%.”

The 40 percent support for a ban largely consists of Democrats, 56 percent of whom want to ban “assault rifles.” Only 25 percent of Republicans support such a ban.

Here is a graph charting the history of this Poll:


The main thing to focus in on this poll is the gains we are seeing in opposition to the Assault Weapons Ban. Since Trump has taken office opposition to it has climbed 8%. Much of this rise likely has to do with David Hogg and the March For Our Lives group that has called for an assault weapons ban in the wake of The Parkland Shooting.

3 reasons an Assualt Weapons ban is awful policy


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