Planned Parenthood’s own report proves we don’t need them to provide HEALTHCARE

The annual report released by Planned Parenthood debunks the myth that they are needed in America to provide routine healthcare to women.

National Review:

The central way in which the group’s annual report disproves this claim is by illustrating that Planned Parenthood’s provision of most actual health-care services, aside from STI tests and treatment, in fact has declined from one year to the next.

The group’s adoption referrals, for example, decreased by 1,000 last year, dropping to just under 3,000 total, which means that Planned Parenthood clinics performed 118 abortions for every one adoption referral.

A series of maps from the Charlotte Lozier Institute put this in even better perspective. As of 2015, California had by far the highest number of Planned Parenthood facilities in the U.S., at 114; by contrast, California has nearly 1,700 FQHCs. Or consider New York, which has the next most Planned Parenthood locations, at 58, but has 625 FQHC locations.

Some states with smaller populations have no Planned Parenthood clinics at all (North Dakota) and some, such as Kentucky, South Carolina, and Kansas, have only one or two locations. These states, meanwhile, each have several hundred community health centers.

And yet Planned Parenthood would like us to believe that, if not for its clinics, millions of American women wouldn’t have access to health care at all. Regardless of whether one opposes abortion, the numbers reveal that this is a lie.

This completely debunks the narrative put out by Planned Parenthood. They are able to avoid the question as to why taxpayers should be forced to fund abortions by saying without the funding women couldn’t get necessary healthcare. However, it is clear that there are enough healthcare providers for women without Planned Parenthood and the only thing they don’t offer is the abortions that Planned Parenthood does.


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