Pfizer Says Final Analysis Shows Vaccine Is “95% Effective”

Pfizer announced that their vaccine was 95% effective in their final analysis of clinical-trial data.


Pfizer Inc. said a final analysis of clinical-trial data showed its Covid-19 vaccine was 95% effective, paving the way for the company to apply for the first U.S. regulatory authorization for a coronavirus shot within days.

The U.S. drugmaker and partner BioNTech SE said their vaccine protected people of all ages and ethnicities, with no significant safety problems so far in a trial that includes almost 44,000 participants.

They waited until after the election to break the initial news:

President Trump called out Pfizer for holding the vaccine news until after the election.

We covered this story earlier:

Earlier today BioNTech and Pfizer announced that they have produced a vaccine that is 90% effective, far higher than anticipated.

This is great news. However, some have pointed out the timing is quite odd. This announcement before the election likely would have been a giant boost to President Trump.

According to a report from Statnews, Pfizer knew about how effective this vaccine was weeks ago.


Gruber said that Pfizer and BioNTech had decided in late October that they wanted to drop the 32-case interim analysis. At that time, the companies decided to stop having their lab confirm cases of Covid-19 in the study, instead leaving samples in storage. The FDA was aware of this decision. Discussions between the agency and the companies concluded, and testing began this past Wednesday. When the samples were tested, there were 94 cases of Covid in the trial. The DSMB met on Sunday.

This means that the statistical strength of the result is likely far stronger than was initially expected. It also means that if Pfizer had held to the original plan, the data would likely have been available in October, as its CEO, Albert Bourla, had initially predicted.

President and CEO for the Center for Security Policy Fred Fleitz also called this out:

Answers are certainly needed.

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