Paul Ryan Aide: ‘It’s going to be a Civil War’, more Republican retirements to come

In an opinion piece for The Daily Beast, Rick Wilson portrayed some interesting texts he received from top Paul Ryan aides.

The Daily Beast:

A top Ryan aide texted me this morning: “It’s going to be a civil war. No one knows how bad this will get. Kevin [McCarthy] is such a fucking moron he’s going to get rolled by Pelosi every day. FML.”

Another Ryan insider echoed the “civil war” sentiment, and noted that Ryan’s decision will set off still another wave of Republican retirements.

Now, the rest of Wilson’s piece is normal anti-Trump bashing but these texts hidden in them are beyond interesting. It shows us a few things. The first is that Paul Ryan is stepping down not because he feels as if he has completed what he wanted in Congress but because of the Trump movement. Paul Ryan’s aides are basically his mouthpiece and this leak shows what is the reasoning behind Ryan’s departure. The second thing is that this is the official ousting of the Swamp in the House of Representatives. Anyone who retires due to the fact Paul Ryan has decided to is someone who isn’t a strong believer in the Trump movement.

As reports have shown Kevin McCarthy is being rumored as the new Speaker of The House after Paul Ryan and it is clear that Paul Ryan’s aides believe he will win the battle for the position.

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