Parler CEO Gives Update On If They Will Return

Parler CEO John Matze has given an update on when Parler might return.

From Reuters: 

Social media platform Parler, which has gone dark after being cut off by major service providers that accused the app of failing to police violent content, may never get back online, said its CEO John Matze.

As a procession of business vendors severed ties with the two-year-old site following the storming of the U.S. Capitol last week, Matze said in an interview with Reuters on Wednesday that he does not know when or if it will return.

“It could be never,” he said. “We don’t know yet.”

After this story was published, Matze added: “I am an optimist. It may take days, it may take weeks but Parler will return and when we do we will be stronger.”

Matze said that Parler was talking to more than one cloud computing service but refused to disclose names, citing the likelihood of harassment for the companies involved. He said the best thing would be if Parler could get back on Inc.

Now, you might be wondering like I was about the clear contradiction in the statement.

On one hand, he says they may never return.

On the other hand, he says “Parler will return”.

My view is that the second statement is the correct one.

I hope Parler gets back online and fast. Parler was no more dangerous than Facebook or Twitter.

Obviously, when you have millions of followers some bad apples are going to be among them. Censorship doesn’t decrease radicalism it only makes it worse.

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