OOPS: NFL Favorability among core fans collapses, drops 31%, 73%-42%

    The numbers don’t seem to be getting any better for the NFL its war for Donald Trump.

    While the ratings collapse on Monday can be in part explained by the sub-par matchup, as analysts have acknowledged over the weeks, the anthem protests are undoubtedly playing a major role. A Winston Group survey published over the weekend found that the league’s favorability among core fans (males ages 34-54) collapsed 31% from the end of August to the end of September. Among that key group, the league’s favorability fell to just 42% from 73% over the span of a few weeks following #TakeTheKnee Sunday. Among all male fans, the NFL’s favorables fell 23%, from 68% to 45%.

    It is more than just the NFL’s core audience as well:

    And it’s not just men that are souring on the league. The downward trend is evident among all the fans of the NFL, 13% of whom now view the league less favorably. Overall, the league’s favorability has fallen from 57% to 44% since late August. But even more significantly, the NFL’s unfavorability rating rose during that time to 40% — the highest unfavorability rating of all college and professional sports.

    I would love to see how the mainstream media will attempt to spin this one. The NFL has lost money, ratings and now it’s overall favorability with its main audience. Some of the fans might come back as the kneeling ends but some have been lost forever.

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